Botanical Gardens welcomes family outings and fun activities


The National Botanical Gardens Foundation (NBGF) is welcoming families, groups, individuals for outings and other activities in the gardens’ vast compound.

The NBGF’s sales and marketing manager Sharon Ernesta said the aim is to encourage more Seychellois to visit the gardens and be acquainted with the rich biodiversity it contains.

“The tendency here is for families to go to the beach during the weekends and even organise activities there. For a change, why not take the family to have a picnic lunch, organise a child’s birthday party in the Botanical Gardens among the plants and animals,” she said.

She noted though that for children’s parties the details have to be discussed with the NBGF’s management as there is a small fee attached. But this, she stressed, is not fixed and will depend on the number of children, among other aspects, and families or groups wanting to organise children’s parties should phone 4670537 for more details.

Of course the activities will have to be carried out in a more organised manner, said Mrs Ernesta.

She said while the aim is to have more Seychellois use the gardens for various activities, it is also important to note that consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in the gardens and the visitors will have to ensure their activities do not affect the gardens’ biodiversity in any way.

Mrs Ernesta said it is hoped that people will make the most of the opportunity to know more about the gardens and various plants and animals it contains as no fees are required for locals to visit the gardens.

She noted that even though the Botanical Gardens is over 100 years old, very few people know much about it and even fewer visit it.

Mrs Ernesta noted that apart from its rich biodiversity, the Botanical Gardens boasts a vast compound for children to play and its conservation area higher up provides the ideal environment sought by individuals like artists, musicians, poets and others for meditation, recollection and  inspiration.

People are also free to come to the gardens everyday to have their lunch, meet friends or just relax, said Mrs Ernesta.


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