Former students visit alma mater-● Pay tribute to teachers


Mr Faure and former school colleagues pay tribute to their former teachers with gifts

Heavy rain prevented both the primary and secondary school pupils of Anse Royale from attending the open air assemblies which had been painstakingly organised to welcome the special guests.

But the schools had a plan B, which unfortunately not all pupils were able to take part in as not all of them could be crammed in the staff rooms.

All the same, a representative from each class was present to welcome the special visitors.

Stopping first at the secondary school, Mr Faure and his colleagues were welcomed by a religious ceremony hosted by parish priest Father David Alcindor.

Also present were all the teachers and other guests who included the newly elected district MNA Derreck Samson.

The special visit initiated by Vice-President Faure was to show appreciation for what they have received from the dedicated teachers who have transformed them and other students into who they are today.

Coinciding with Teachers’ Week which were commemorated under the theme “Dedicated Teachers Transform Society”, the occasion was considered fitting for such a noble gesture.

After a warm welcome by head teacher Fabien Palmyre, all Mr Faure’s former colleagues each briefly introduced themselves and said what they are doing in life.

Lambert Woodcock, general manager of Harry Savy Insurance, was the first to express himself followed by Marie-France Ernesta, who is an administration and liaison manager at Labriz Silhouette; Sheila Valentin, an early childhood coordinator; Denise Bonne, director of a family business DB Supplies; Jeffrey Mondon, a pilot with Air Seychelles; Michel Valentin, a court clerk; Doris Naiken, a human resource officer at the Ministry of Finance; Jenita Albert, assistant librarian; Ralph Balette, a senior mechanic with Creole Holidays; and VP Faure was the last to address the gathering.

The same introductions were repeated later at the primary where the visitors were welcomed by headteacher Sonia Mancienne.

Like all his colleagues before him, Mr Faure talked about their school days, the teachers -- some of whom both from primary and secondary schools are no longer in this world --  and the discipline that was the norm and which all students abided by.

But he also recalled that the greatest thing about their school days was their devotion to their studies and the respect they had for all their teachers. 

“We came from very modest backgrounds but apart from having our parents who guided us, all of us listened to and had great respect for our teachers,” Mr Faure stressed.

“Today I am the country’s Vice-President but I am still the humble person I have always been and I remain the same Danny you have always known,” he added, to loud applause.

Addressing the pupils, Mr Faure had this strong message:  “If you listen to your teachers and have total respect for them no matter what, you will go very very far in life.”

He added that as students at that time, they took their studies seriously but stressed that they  had time to do things like other kids their age like doing. These include sports and being part of a sports club, going to church, helping do small chores at home, at school and in church.

He called on the students to take their studies seriously and remain focused.
“If you remain focused in your studies, you listen to your teachers and parents, only the sky is the limit,” said Mr Faure.

To the teachers, among whom some who had taught them, Mr Faure had this to say: “We believe in you and society believes in you and needs you,” he said.

“We thank you for the work you are doing and your leadership role in guiding our nation.”

He noted that all the 10 past students agreed to the idea he initiated to contribute something to pay tribute to the teachers whom he described as heroes at a time when the teaching profession is facing a lot of challenges.

Mr Palmyre called on the students to heed Mr Faure’s message.

To show their appreciation to the teachers’ dedication, Mr Faure and his colleagues presented both schools with a refrigerator and for the secondary teachers a batch of chairs and for primary a sofa set.

Sonia Mancienne, head teacher at the primary school, and her staff had a small token of appreciation for Mr Faure and each of his colleagues.

The visit ended with a song by the primary teacher’s choir and a visit to an exhibition put up by the primary school teachers and their pupils.

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