Tennis-Players enjoy themselves on open day


In three matches played on the day, Ryner Moustache beat Giovanni Capet 2-0 (7-5, 7-5) in the beginners under-12 category, French coach Frederic Canale won 2-0 (7-4, 7-0) against visiting French player Jules Loew in the competition level match, and Christophe Levivier beat Damien Laporte 2-0 (7-2, 7-2) in the fun category.

Canale also teamed up with Laporte to play an exhibition match against French players Billie Denoyelles and Jules Loew in the morning.

Denoyelles and Loew, who are two really good players and are coaches in France, won the match and said afterwards that Laporte is a very good under-10 player.

After that, all present at the venue had lunch and enjoyed the day in good spirits.

STA chairman Charlie Ng thanked all the sponsors and said the local tennis body is planning to organise another open day in January to start the new year.

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