Drugs seized in hotel employees’ apartment


The drugs, suspected to be cannabis, were seized during a planned operation last Thursday by a team of NDEA (National Drugs Enforcement Agency) agents who have been working on La Digue for some time.

This is the second case of drug trafficking on La Digue since the NDEA deployment. In October last year, the agency arrested a local man for trafficking after a consignment of heroin was seized at his home. This case is still before the courts.

“The NDEA is satisfied that the most recent find was intended for the sale and contained a sufficient quantity to generate upwards of R10,000.00 in revenue for the traffickers,” an agency communiqué says.

“The NDEA would like to assure the community on La Digue that the agency will continue its deployment for so long as the need exists in terms of illegal drug activity. Offenders who are found to be engaged in the business of illegal drugs face severe sentences and can expect to spend a substantial portion of their lives in prison,” says the communiqué.

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