President congratulates proud examples of African leadership


In his letter to President Sirleaf, President Michel extended the congratulations of the people and government of Seychelles, describing the award as a reminder for the international community of its duties towards building a culture of peace:

“Your winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is testimony to your unwavering courage, tenacity, depth of commitment and the leadership you have shown in advancing the noble ideals of peace and national reconciliation in your country.”

The President added that, given the award was shared by three women, it paid tribute to the role women have consistently played in advancing the ideals of peace, freedom and equality:

“I strongly believe that your winning of the Nobel Peace Prize is also a victory for women rights, human rights and democracy: the three major components of the winning formula for any country that seeks growth and positive social transformation.”

In his congratulatory letter to former President Pires, President Michel celebrated the recognition of the good governance practices being showcased by small island states, adding that the prize was a strong endorsement of the stability and prosperity evident in the Republic of Cape Verde:

“Too often the situation of Small Islands is marginalised in international forums. We are pleased that this award gives further recognition to island states, and also provides a further platform for the defence of issues of critical importance for islands including climate change, the need for a fairer development framework for SIDS as well as the need for continental developmental programmes to also take into account the specific needs of SIDS.”

President Michel concluded by describing both presidents as forces for peace and development for their countries, continent and for the wider international community.

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