5th Assembly convenes, new members sworn in-● Dr Herminie re-elected speaker, Andre Pool new deputy speaker


A family photograph of the 5th National Assembly

During the same sitting proportionally elected member and former speaker of the Assembly Dr Patrick Herminie was re-elected Speaker while Andre Pool, former elected member for Anse Boileau and proportionally elected Parti Lepep member, was elected deputy speaker.

Marie-Louise Potter, former leader of government business and proportionally elected member of Parti Lepep was re-appointed in that position by President Michel.

The first part of the Assembly sitting was presided by Dr Herminie in line with Paragraph (2) of Article 98 of the Constitution.

The first sitting of the Assembly began with the reading of its Proclamation by President James Michel pursuant to Article 107 of the Constitution. The clerk of the Assembly, Veronique Bresson, read the Proclamation.

This was followed by the members taking their oath in alphabetical order of their surname after which the house re- elected Dr Herminie as the new speaker and Mr Pool as the new deputy speaker.

Ms Bresson chaired the remaining part of the sitting until the new speaker was elected.

Expressing himself on his re-election, Dr Herminie thanked the Assembly members for the trust they have put in him.

Mrs Potter said the fact that she has been reappointed shows a mark of trust in her ability. She said there is a lot of work to be done as outlined in the Parti Lepep manifesto and their priority are the reforms that President Michel has already pronounced himself on, notably electoral reforms.

“My wish is that the Assembly, although made up of only Parti Lepep members, will be remembered as the Assembly which has carried out democratic reforms which the multi-party Assembly had not succeeded in doing.

Speaker Herminie flanked by deputy speaker Andre Pool and leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter

She said her reappointment is also proof that the government wants continuity in the work that has been done and what still remains to be done.

She noted that being almost at the end of the year with debates on the budget allocations pending, it shows trust in her ability to lead the team made up of mostly new members.

The National Assembly will meet this morning at 9am as usual for its first ordinary sitting to debate a motion to be tabled by the leader of government business, Mrs Potter.

The motion is requesting the approval of the supplementary estimates for the year 2011 to regulate the expenditure of SR103,174,384.99 in excess of the approved budget for the year.

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