Weightlifting: Commonwealth Youth, Junior and Senior Championship and African Senior Championship-Nine silver and four bronze medals for Seychelles


Rick Confiance in action

In the female 58kg category, Ruby Malvina recorded a total of 163kg after snatching 70kg and lifting 93kg in the clean & jerk. The result earned her three silver medals in the African Senior Championship.

Junior male lifter Confiance, who competed in the senior 56kg category of the African Championship, clinched three silver medals after finishing second in the group. He snatched 75kg and got 90kg in the clean & jerk for an Olympic total of 165kg.

In the women’s 48kg category, Télémaque snatched 65kg and finished with 79kg in the clean & jerk for a 144kg total, earning her three silver medals in the African Senior Championship.

The same performance placed Télémaque third overall in the senior Commonwealth Championship ranking, enough to earn her a bronze medal.

Télémaque (first left) won three silver medals in the African Senior Championship and a bronze in the Commonwealth Senior Championship

After snatching 105kg, Rose lifted 130kg in the clean & jerk event of the 69kg category for a total of 235kg, earning himself three bronze medals in the African Senior Championship.

Seychelles’ other lifters in South Africa are Rena Agricole (63kg), Charles Siméon (77kg), Janet Georges (69kg), Sirous Farabeau (youth 85kg) and Elvis Jeanne (105kg).

Agricole and Siméon were supposed to be in action yesterday, while Georges and Farabeau will compete today. As for Jeanne, he will lift the barbells tomorrow.

The lifters are being accompanied by coaches McDonald Henriette and William Dixie, while Rene Youpa is the team’s medical officer.

Seychelles Weightlifting Association’s chairman Robert Rose is officiating at the competition.

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