Bodybuilders to dazzle crowd in Lovenut Classic


Henriette, Al Adou Mekdachi and Gabriel will be among the top flex posers in action on Saturday

Ziad Al Adou Mekdachi, Rodney Henriette and Joe Gabriel are some of the seasoned flex posers who will display their well-sculptured bodies in front of bodybuilding fans and especially the judges who will be voting for the best physiques.

Emmanuel Pierre, winner of the Junior Championship last year, will be competing in the senior class this time and he will surely be turning on the power in the performance and pose-down rounds to challenge the seasoned campaigners.

Pierre is one of the young bodybuilders of the new generation of flex posers who are ready to conquer the local bodybuilding scene before moving to the regional and international stage.

Eric Kallee and Ricky Larue are two other young bodybuilding hopefuls and they are also expected to be in action on Saturday.

The Lovenut Classic contest is being organised under the banner of the Seychelles Bodybuilding Association (SBBA) and is being put up by trainer of champions Regis Delorié, who is also the owner of the Animal Kingdom Gym.

Former Mr Seychelles Delorié said there will be interesting cash prizes and prizes in kind on offer and that the “battle will be hard and interesting”.

Tickets for the show, scheduled to start at 10pm, cost R75.
Crowd-pleaser Al Adou Mekdachi, who is blessed with good arms and legs genetics, is confident local bodybuilding fans will like what they will see in Saturday’s show.

“I’ll be ready for Saturday and I’m sure the other flex posers will be at their best too,” Al Adou Mekdachi told Sports Nation.

“We’ve been training hard since January and this contest will give all of us the chance to show what we have been doing in the gym since,” he added.

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