PTA Silhouette rewards teachers for hard work


Silhouette teachers honoured for their hard work

In a way to express their gratitude and appreciation, members of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the school organised a ‘get-together dinner’ for the 11 teachers and school workers on the island.

According to Christelle Jeremie and Wilna Malbrook, two members of the PTA, they wanted to do something special to thank the teachers for their hard work and dedication to the 13 students at the school.

Silhouette is the only school in Seychelles with a multi-grading system, where teachers have to teach students of two levels at the same time. A task not easy to do, as it calls for good planning, individual attention and patience as students of different levels are in the same class.

The dinner dance was filled with poems, songs, and gift packs for all the school workers in recognition for their hard work.
The teachers were touched by such a gesture. Magda Rose, the school’s headteacher, said that even though PTA has organised activities in the past, this year it was done on a bigger scale, yet very discreetly.

On behalf of the teachers, she added that they feel proud that their work is valued and appreciated by both the parents and the students of Silhouette.

Ms Jeremie and Ms Malbrook were very thankful of the sponsors of this activity, namely the chief executive of the Islands Development Company Glenny Savy, who have always supported school activities, Hilton Labriz Hotel, and the Silhouette Stakeholders Committee for their assistance and contributions.

They took the opportunity to wish all the Silhouette teachers and all those on all the islands good luck and success in this noble profession.

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