Press communiqué from the Electoral Commission’s Office


Despite having confirmation of attendance from all 5 party representatives, only representatives of the Popular Democratic Movement, Parti Lepep and Seychelles Freedom Party and the media, comprising SBC, Today and Le Seychellois Hebdo attended.

(Editor’s note: It is to be noted that Seychelles Nation was never informed of the meeting).

Representatives of the Seychelles National Party, New Democratic Party declined to attend at the last minute.

The above two political parties have subsequently (yesterday) afternoon issued a Press Communique stating that they “cannot accept the roadmap for democratic reforms drawn up by the Electoral Commission without discussions or consultations with other political groups or vital stake holders in the democratic process.”

The Electoral Commission wishes to state that the purpose of (yesterday) afternoon’s meeting was specifically to present a working plan for the reform process which would include discussions and consultations with the registered political parties, among others as well as citizens of the 25 electoral districts who are indeed the main stakeholders. It was also stated in the meeting that the plan is subject to adjustments depending on the progress and the inputs from stakeholders. It was further stressed that the ownership of the reforms lies with the people of Seychelles and not with any group or individual.

The two parties concerned have also called for “an independent commission in which they will be represented to direct the process of reform”. Such a statement is in direct conflict with the spirit and articles of the Constitution of Seychelles.

The Commission is extremely disappointed that the two opposition parties have decided to reject a plan which they have not even seen and yet they want to direct the process of reform.

The Commission wishes to reassure the citizens of Seychelles and all political parties that the process which it has embarked upon is one which will take in the views of ALL stakeholders to be able to make recommendations for reforms which the people of this country aspire for. No party or group will direct the actions and work of the Commission.

It is stated in the Electoral Commission’s Roadmap for Electoral Reform that, “In the interest and in furtherance of the development of our democracy and in uniting our people for a common purpose, the Electoral Commission makes a solemn call to all our stakeholders and the Seychellois people to rise above partisanship to make these reforms a success for Seychelles.”

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