Proposals wanted for Ambassador’s Self-Help fund programme


The US Ambassador’s Self-Help Programme is a grassroots assistance programme that responds to requests for financial help from small community-based projects that are initiated and administered at local level.

Successful Self-Help projects share the following features: respond to community needs and improve basic economic and social conditions of the local community; show local initiative and involvement; benefit a substantial number of people in the community; involve women as participants and beneficiaries; involve a significant contribution of labour, money or materials by members of the local community; are within the means of the local community to operate, maintain and sustain; and are able to implement the activity within the one-year agreement period.

Meanwhile, the Self-Help regulations prohibit funding projects of a purely religious, political and/or military nature.

Application forms and additional information are available online from the embassy’s website: To download forms, the following link "Self-Help Program" must be followed. The deadline for the submission of proposals is October 27, 2011.

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