Profile of longest serving teacher, Mrs Valiama Stravens -‘Determined to succeed in whatever she does’


Mrs StravensShe was honoured during the annual teachers' award presentation ceremony held at the National Sports Council Hall, Roche Caiman on Saturday October 8 in the presence of President James Michel, Vice-President Danny Faure and Minister responsible for Education Macsuzy Mondon, among other government officials.

Mrs Stravens, better known by colleagues and students as Ms Claude, joined the teaching profession in January 1966 as a supply teacher at Cascade school before joining the Teacher Training College.

In 1972 Mrs Stravens resumed teaching at Cascade school, this time as a qualified primary teacher. 

In 1984 she started teaching social sciences in secondary schools after obtaining a Diploma in Education in the subject.  Since 1996 Mrs Stravens has been teaching at Pointe Larue secondary as a social science teacher.

Mrs Stravens is well known for her strong character, assertiveness and determination to succeed in whatever she does.  She is keen at promoting moral values amongst her students and colleagues.

Mrs Stravens, we admire you for your courage, dedication and unwavering passion for teaching and for giving so many of your years, energy and talent to ensure the brightest possible future for every learner you have touched.  So many young minds have expanded under your love and care and we want to say thank you.

45 years is a long time indeed and surely you have made a difference and inspired a number of students.

Mrs Stravens, the Department of Education, the staff, students and parents of Pointe Larue secondary school congratulate you for the long years of service and wish you continued good health.


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