Swimming: 29th Sacos-sponsored schools age group championships-Eleven records tumble


All action was in the 25m and Olympic-size (50m) pools at Roche Caïman.
Young Lenel Ah-Wan of Independent School and Aurelie Fanchette from ISS both tampered with the record books twice during the finals.

In the boys’ 7-9 category, Lenel Ah-Wan won the 25m backstroke in 19.60 seconds to improve Hayden’s old best of 20.43 seconds (age group and championship records).

He also shattered Nicholas D’Offay’s 25m butterfly record of 18.94 seconds set in 1999. His new best time is 18.40 seconds (age group and championship records).

Hayden Ah-Wan bettered his own 50m freestyle records set during the heats. He clocked 33.60 seconds to improve his old time of 34.56 seconds (age group and championship records).

Hayden Ah-Wan

In the girl’s 14-15 years age group 50m backstroke, Fanchette replaced Daniella Jayawadne’s 18-year-old championship best of 37.12 seconds set in 1993 with a new record time of 35.85seconds.

Fanchette’s other record came in the 50m butterfly where she clocked 33.84 seconds to erase Shrone Austin’s old championship best of 34.10 seconds.

Aurelie Fanchette

The other individual records were beaten by Adam Viktora who won the boys’ 14-15 years 50m butterfly in 28.09 seconds, replacing Kenny Roberts’ 18-year-old record of 28.38 seconds set in 1993 (age group and championship records).

The other record of the day was registered in the girls’ 10-11 category 4x50m freestyle relay. The ISS team bettered their old record of 2 minutes 55.27 seconds (2:55.27) set in 2007. The new record is 2:47.53 (championship record).

Three swimmers from the ISS – Luke Bonnelame, Adam Viktora and Aurelie Fanchette – won four gold medals apiece, while Lenel Ah-Wan of the Independent School and Aurelie D’Offay of the ISS won three gold medals each.

Bonnelame who competed in the 12-13 years group was the winner in the 50m freestyle, 50m breaststroke, 50m butterfly and 4x50m freestyle relay, while Fanchette won the 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 4x50m freestyle relay in the 14-15 years group.

Viktora, who also competed in the 14-15 years category, won the 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and the 4x50m freestyle relay.

Adam Viktora

Ah Wan’s success was in the 50m freestyle, 25m breaststroke and 4x25m freestyle relay in the 7-9 years group, while D’Offay won the 50m butterfly, 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle in the 16 years and over category.

The ISS won the 7-9 years girls category (45 points), 10-11 years girls category (86 points), 12-13 years boys category (78 points), 12-13 years girls category (117 points), 14- 15 years boys category (67 points), 14-15 years girls category (90 points) and 16 years and over girls category (86 points).

This years’ total is one more than the school’s 2009 total of six following clean sweeps in 2007 and 2008.

The other three shields were won by Independent School (7-9 years boys with 72 points), Port Glaud (10-11 years boys with 37 points) and School of A’Level Studies (16 years and over boys with 73 points).

The winners

Boys’ 7-9 50m freestyle Hayden Ah-Wan (Independent School 33.60 seconds – new record), girls’ 7-9 50m freestyle Therese Soukoup (French School 47.29 seconds), boys’ 7-9 25m breaststroke Hayden Ah-Wan (Independent School 23.74 seconds), girls’ 7-9 25m breaststroke Marquise André (Independent School 30.64 seconds), boys’ 7-9 25m backstroke Lenel Ah-Wan (Independent School 19.60 seconds – new record), girls’ 7-9 25m backstroke Amelia Hammond (ISS 27.98 seconds), boys’ 7-9 25m butterfly Lenel Ah-Wan (Independent School 18.40 seconds – new record), girls’ 7-9 25m butterfly Michelle Viljoen (ISS 30.01 seconds), boys’ 7-9 4x25m freestyle relay (Independent School 1:16.35), girls’ 7-9 4x25m freestyle relay (Independent School 1:37.84), boys’ 10-11 50m freestyle Julio César (Port-Glaud 38.59 seconds), girls’ 10-11 50m freestyle Martina Ceccato (ISS 40.06 seconds), boys’ 10-11 50m breaststroke Craig Siméon (Plaisance 54.80 seconds), girls’ 10-11 50m breaststroke Martina Chionni (ISS 50.03 seconds), boys’ 10-11 50m backstroke Craig Siméon (Plaisance 52.73 seconds), girls’ 10-11 50m backstroke Martina Chionni (ISS 44.42 seconds), boys’ 10-11 50m butterfly Faddy Sinon (Port Glaud 1:03.20), girls’ 10-11 50m butterfly Nichole Grasselli Barni (ISS 50.28 seconds), boys’ 10-11 4x50m freestyle relay (Port Glaud 3:00.17), girls’ 10-11 4x50m freestyle relay (ISS 2:47.53 – new record), boys’ 12-13 50m freestyle Luke Bonnelame (ISS 32.55 seconds) girls’ 12-13 50m freestyle Anisha Payet (Independent School 31.33 seconds), boys’ 12-13 50m breaststroke Luke Bonnelame (ISS 44.28 seconds), girls’ 12-13 50m breaststroke Maria Marzocchi (ISS 43.27 seconds), boys’ 12-13 50m backstroke Adam Moncherry (ISS 40.69 seconds), girls’ 12-13 50m backstroke Anisha Payet (Independent School 38.61 seconds), boys’ 12-13 50m butterfly Luke Bonnelame (ISS 39.26 seconds), girls’ 12-13 50m butterfly Felicity Passon (ISS) and Anisha Payet (Independent School) 33.93seconds, boys’ 12-13 4x50m freestyle relay (ISS 2:31.00), girls’ 12-13 4x50m freestyle relay (ISS 2:19.27), boys’ 14-15 50m freestyle Adam Viktora (ISS 25.85 seconds), girls’ 14-15 50m freestyle Aurelie Fanchette (ISS 29.56 seconds), boys’ 14-15 50m breaststroke Samuel Mancienne (Independent School 37.49 seconds), girls’ 14-15 50m breaststroke Clara Omath (Plaisance Secondary 40.99 seconds), boys’ 14-15 50m backstroke Adam Viktora (ISS 33.18 seconds), girls’ 14-15 50m backstroke Aurelie Fanchette (ISS 35.85 seconds - new record), boys’ 14-15 50m butterfly Adam Viktora (ISS 28.09 seconds – new record), girls’ 14-15 50m butterfly Aurelie Fanchette (ISS 33.84 seconds – new record), boys’ 14-15 4x50m freestyle relay ISS (2:04.58), girls’ 14-15 4x50m freestyle relay ISS (2:27.10), boys’ 16 years+ 4x50m freestyle relay SALS (2:06.20), girls’ 16 years+ 4x50m freestyle relay ISS (2:29.70), boys’ 16 years+ 50m butterfly Mathias Bonne (SALS 29.37 seconds), girls’ 16 years+ 50m butterfly Aurelie D’Offay (ISS 40.72 seconds),boys’ 16 years+ 50m breaststroke Ron Roucou (SALS 34.63 seconds), girls’ 16 years+ 50m breaststroke Amina Ward Horner (ISS 45.26 seconds),boys’ 16 years+ 50m backstroke Ryan Govinden (Belonie Secondary 34.25 seconds), girls’ 16 years+ 50m backstroke Aurelie D’Offay (ISS 41.90 seconds), boys’ 16 years+ 100m freestyle Ron Roucou (SALS 1:00.64), and girls’ 16 years+100m freestyle Aurelie D’Offay (ISS 1:18.95)

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