Regatta and Subios join forces


Seychelles Tourism Board chief executive Alain St Ange and Seychelles Round Table member Ashvin Seeboo made the announcement during a press conference recently at the STB head office, Bel Ombre.

Organised annually by the Seychelles Round Table, the Regatta event has this year been delayed for many reasons.

Mr St Ange said the STB was approached by the Seychelles Round Table to see if the two events could be organised in conjunction this year.

“We accepted the offer because we feel it will be beneficial to both parties, for Seychelles and for all Seychellois to have a massive event taking place on one of our nicest beaches,” he said.

He added that both Seychellois and tourists can join in and take part in the spectacular event.

This year, the stage will be set out at sea, allowing the country to showcase part of its beauty.

“It will be a big event and we are encouraging as many people as possible to make a date with Beau Vallon and to come enjoy Regatta jointly with Subios,” he said.

Mr Seeboo said the Regatta date had to be re-scheduled because several activities, including the Indian Ocean Island Games, were organised during the month of August.

It was then set for the first weekend of October but since there was the National Assembly election, the Seychelles Round Table had to find another solution as it did not want to cancel the Regatta event for this year.

Mr Seeboo said the Regatta lottery draw scheduled for October 2 has now been postponed to November 6 and has called on members of the public to keep their tickets and to come to Beau Vallon where the winners will be announced.

He also thanked the STB for accepting to host the Subios and the Regatta events together and called on everyone to come and enjoy something different this year.

The official opening will be on November 4 and a wide range of activities will be on the programme the following two days.

Due to budget and time constraints, the Mr and Miss Regatta contests will not feature on the event’s programme of activities.

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