SPTC steps up effort to upgrade services


As a result of this and through evidence collected, some irresponsible members of staff have been dismissed from work.

SPTC chief executive Veronique Laporte said that between the months of July and August, the corporation had no other choice but to terminate the contract of nine members of staff and five more are to leave this month.

She said the dismissals came after thorough investigations and have been based on evidence of cases relating to alcohol and drug abuse during working hours, cash shortage and fraud.

She said it is sad that after so much hard work, the corporation has had to take such measures.

Ms Laporte said the decision is difficult and regrettable because the SPTC needs those people to work, but is necessary so as to reduce the risks of accident, protect commuters and also for the future of the corporation.

Ms Laporte noted that from the past two years, the SPTC has been listening to its staff’s concerns, undertaking the required investment and continuing to place lots of effort in improving the working environment for all staff.

In addition, training at all levels and in various areas is an ongoing process.

She said there is no reason therefore to justify any irresponsible actions by members of staff. “They are all aware that the corporation has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and drug abuse during working hours, cash shortage and fraud. The time has come to apply stringent disciplinary measures which would, no doubt, serve as a deterrent,” said Ms Laporte.

She added that the corporation will continue with its efforts to bring to task irresponsible staff members.

Random breathalyser tests will continue to be carried out while the National Drug Enforcement Agency has the mandate to enter the SPTC premises, including boarding the SPTC buses, at any time.

Global Positioning System (GPS) has also been installed in buses to provide evidence of speeding, accidents and unauthorised use of the buses.

But Ms Laporte stressed that the corporation has some very cooperative, responsible, reliable and hard-working staff and she commended them for their devotion.

She further confirmed that there has been great improvement in the performance of the majority of staff at the SPTC during the last two years.

In a bid to further improve the working condition of its staff, the SPTC has hired a counsellor whose work is to listen to and address staff social concerns.

Various talks/discussion on social aspects, such as how staff can manage their monthly budget and health matters have been organised to date.

“The aim of the SPTC is to cultivate among members of staff the culture of working hard, being responsible, accountable and earning decently,” Ms Laporte stressed. 

Meanwhile, Ms Laporte has once again called on members of the public to continue giving the SPTC their cooperation so as to help it give them a better service.

She noted that public cooperation has helped a lot and should continue. The SPTC has been displaying the licence numbers inside all buses at the front in full view of passengers to ease their feedback to the SPTC.

She said passengers taking SPTC buses should not hesitate to report anything which they find abnormal and they should be particularly alert and scrutinise the tickets they are issued at all times.

Fake tickets are against the corporation’s policy and she noted that it is the drivers’ responsibility to ensure that all tickets issued are legible.

On the other hand, there are recent reports that on some routes, members of the public, especially on late trips, are not respecting the regulations, including refusing to pay tickets.

The SPTC will be reinforcing private securities on these routes, but Ms Laporte is calling on all passengers to cooperate with the drivers and respect SPTC’s property.

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