Kokotalk – It’s more talk, less money


Kokotalk is the voice service offered by Kokonet using voice over IP (VoIP), a technology that is widely accepted as being the new standard for modern voice communications.  It uses the same infrastructure as the internet. 

The Kokotalk service incorporates a number of products, namely IP PBX, IP phones, Call Through and Call Back Cards.   One service that has really caught the imagination of the calling public has been the call back cards.  Each card cost R100 and the caller then “binds” the card’s credit to a phone number. 

Let us start with the “less money” part of the slogan.  The real bargains are to be made in international calls.  There are four blocks in the rates sheet, and various destinations are assigned to each block.   The most competitive price start at R0.99, not only just a third of what the nearest alternative is but is lower than even what some providers are charging for some local calls.  Just to name a few, a call to India, China, USA, Canada, UK, France and many other destinations cost less than a Rupee.  Other destinations would cost R1.99 and R2.99, still very attractive prices. 

Now let us examine the “more talk” bit.  Kokotalk uses latest generation digital technology that provides the highest level of voice clarity whist Kokonet partners with overseas providers who can provide the best possible service at the far end of the call.   Couple these with the knowledge that the call is not costing an arm and a leg, the callers are encouraged to just talk and talk to their heart’s content. 

A recurring complaint, however, with the calling card service has been the difficulty to reach the Kokonet’s system from other service providers’ numbers at certain times of the day. 

“We are very much aware of this issue,” says Richard Perks, the company Chief Operating Officer.
“In a way we have been a victim of our own success.  We are maxing out the capacity on the link we have with one operator in particular and have been negotiating for months to have this increased. 

“We hope to have this resolved soon and when we do, we should be able to increase our service levels.  In the meantime we are advising customers who encounter difficulties to reach our system to try to alternate between service providers.”

Mr Perks said that Kokonet is in continuous negotiations with overseas partners to constantly review the Kokotalk prices and announced that soon the company will issue a new rate sheet with even more attractive rates to many destinations.

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