New NSC board confident of boosting sports development


Minister Meriton (at head of table alongside chairman Larue) addressing the board members

He was addressing members during the board’s first meeting at the NSC boardroom at Stad Linite, Roche Caïman.

The board members are Jean Larue (chairperson), Alain Volcère (chief executive and secretary), Antonio Gopal, Patrick Vel, Patrick Hoareau, Jourdanne Immer, Odile Octave, Christian Lionnet and Roland Raforme (members).

Mr Meriton said: “The fact that the board members come from all walks of life, they will surely bring with them diverse experience, ideas and opinions representing a wide spectrum of the sporting, education, communication and business community.”

He also praised the continuous and solid partnership between the NSC and the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) which is being represented on the board by its president Antonio Gopal.

This, he said, illustrates the result of good teamwork which is a crucial element for success. He used the successful hosting of the 8th IOIG s which received contributions from all sectors of the society, as a perfect example of partnership.

Mr Meriton said the new sporting cycle development will empower the NSC to attract more funding from the private sector, while enabling it to venture into businesses which will finance local sports.

He also urged the board members to bring forward maximum sporting experiences and knowledge to help boost the third cycle of development.

On behalf of the members, chairman Larue acknowledged the hard task ahead and promised that through teamwork and support from the authority as well as other bodies, the third cycle of the country’s sports development programme will be achieved successfully.

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