STB chief executive and Chinese media catch up on Seychelles


Mr St Ange during the interviews with Chinese TV channels

His interviews took place after President Michel, who is on an official working visit in China, had addressed a large group of Chinese VIPs and press.

Shadow Zhang and Julia Li Zhu – producer and reporter of World Film Report of China Movie Channel – Miya Feng, the programme director of China's Blue Ocean Network; and Bobby Zhou, the production centre reporter for China's propeller TV, all had back-to-back interviews with Mr St Ange.

The interviews concentrated on the unique selling points of Seychelles and why the Chinese holiday-makers should choose Seychelles for their holiday of a lifetime.

In the interviews, Mr St Ange spoke about the diversity and the composition of islands that make up the archipelago of Seychelles.

“We have both the granitic islands with towering mountains and the flat coralline islands making Seychelles the unique tourism destination, offering two destination possibilities in one country. We have diversity in our population as we have a unique blend of cuisine. Seychelles is the land of perpetual summer where no one requires a visa to enter and where the people of China would not require any inoculation to travel to because the islands are disease-free and safe,” said Mr St Ange.

The STB chief executive also highlighted the extraordinary beauty of the islands with award-winning white sandy beaches and clear turquoise blue seas. He touched on the niche holiday attractions with the many endemic birds, spectacular diving and amazing big-game fishing, including the virgin walks and trails for hikers and the possibility of island hopping.

"Seychelles is ready to receive Chinese visitors and we shall work with the Chinese tour operators to increase the number of Chinese visitors to Seychelles," said Mr St Ange.

Earlier this week, the Korea Travel News also featured an interview given by Mr St Ange when he was transiting in Seoul from the 19th session of the UNWTO general assembly.

The interview centred on the attractions of the Seychelles for would-be Korean travellers, highlighting the unique beauty of the islands and the diversity of its hilly granitic islands and the low-lying coralline islands giving visitors a two-destination options in one holiday. Other than the niche market options, Mr St Ange also pointed out the safety aspects of Seychelles.

Seychelles is today more known in Korea since the official visit of President Michel there just over a year ago. The STB now has a fully fledged office in Seoul.

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