Letter to the Editor-Last-minute consensus for change in kick-off time


The St Michel team had sent requests to the SFF on several occasions to re-schedule the match earlier so they could catch the 6pm boat back to Mahe.

The SFF maintained the original schedule time as it only acts on a request for a change in kick-off time when an arrangement has been made between the two teams.

It was only at the last minute (around 2pm) on Saturday that the St Michel management team approached the Côte d’Or management team in view that the approximately 200 St Michel supporters needed to catch the last Cat Cocos trip back to Mahe.

 The two management teams came to a consensus that the match starts earlier than scheduled.
SFF secretariat

Editor’s note:
There is nothing wrong with changing kick-off time, but fans and all concerned must be aware of the change.

This was not the first time matches on Praslin kicked off earlier without the knowledge of the SFF and other partners.



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