Karting: round five-Delcy and Kurz victorious


In the lower SF S2 category, Kurz easily won the final with Andrew Gabriel taking a well-earned second place, while Shelton Vital finished third.

With Montel starting in pole position, the fight on the card was for second and third places.

Andrew Gabriel, Vital and Christian Port-Louis were the three contestants for the two positions. Andrew Gabriel drew away from the others as he tried his best to catch Kurz, while Vital and Port-Louis fought for third place. In the end, Vital finished third ahead of Port-Louis.

In the SF S1 class, the racing was fiercer with all the competitors within a second or two of each other.

The class was decided on a four-race format – two heats, a 10-lap pre-final and a10-lap super final.

In the first heat, Roland Delcy was cruising to a win when one of the lapped karts accidentally put him into the grass on the last lap, letting his brother Marc Delcy through to win. In the second heat, Fred took a last-gasp win from Marc Delcy.

With Marc Delcy starting in pole position and Fred next to him, there was surely going to be a mad rush for the first corner. It did happen and luckily everyone got by in one piece, with Marc Delcy ahead, followed by Fred, Roland Delcy, Damien Bonnelame, Dane Decommarmond, Marvin Sophie and Redman Bonnelame.

The boys fought hard for a good starting position in the super final and Marc Delcy led them across the line to take pole position again.

At the start of the 10-lap final, there was again a rush for the first corner, but this time Fred got ahead only for Marc Delcy to overtake him at the hairpin. Marc Delcy held on to take victory by a kart length from Fred. Roland Delcy finished third, Decommarmond fourth, Damien Bonnelame fifth, Sophie sixth and Redman Bonnelame seventh.

Redman must be commended for his driving as only a few spins let him down, especially in the first heat when he was leading the race. His form is improving and should be a front-runner soon.

After this round, Marc Delcy leads the SF S1 championship with 91 points followed by Fred with 88, Damien Bonnelame with 84, Roland Delcy with 77, Redman Bonnelame with 50, Sophie with 43, Dane Decommarmond with 29 and Wilven Philoé without any point so far.

In the SF S2 class, Andrew Gabriel leads with 89 points, Kurz and Port-Louis have 79 apiece for joint-second, fourth is Vital with 58 points, fifth Yannick Gabriel with 43 and sixth Alexander Camille with 35.

Meanwhile, the races in the other classes were postponed because many drivers were suffering from flu.

This coming Sunday, the drivers will take part in an Endurance race from 9.30am at the Champions Park Raceway, Roche Caïman.

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