Air Traffic Controllers Day-Controllers rewarded for their hard work


A group photograph of air traffic controllers who received certificates at the ceremony

Addressing those present, air navigation services general manager Esmée Samson said the day is an occasion to reflect on the noble profession and on the increasing challenges the controllers face worldwide.

The day is celebrated worldwide on October 20 every year and it provides air traffic controllers with the opportunity to reflect on ways to improve and provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective service to all users.

 “A lot of resources have been invested in the training and up-bringing of our workforce, with the aim of enhancing our capabilities, skills and level of performance to match international standards,” said Ms Samson.

“We shall continue to strive to continuously exercise a high level of professionalism in discharging our functions as air traffic controllers,” she added.

During the ceremony, operations general manager Wilfred Fock-Tave shared his past experience in the profession.

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