Bodybuilding-Camille retains Mr Seychelles title


Scheduled to start at 10pm, the 17 flex posers only lined up on stage at midnight and it was past 30 minutes in the morning that the real competition, organised by the Seychelles Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (SBPF), started.

Camille, 38, won the Mr Seychelles title in front of veteran Joelaine Valentin and third was Praslinois Cyril Rabat. This is Camille’s third title after his maiden win in 2008 followed by a second last year.

The three other senior bodybuilders on the night were Ronny Marie, Lenny Joubert and Jeris Anacoura.
Like Camille, Rico Dubignon retained the Mr Seychelles junior title after finishing ahead of Ashnel Denis (runner-up) and Savio Barra (third place finisher).

Ted Larue, Travis Victor, Gino Adeline, Ragan Rose and Samuel Dorizo also competed in the junior class.

In the battle for the cadet title, Faizal Padayachy won in front of Jean-Luc D’Unienville of the President’s Village.

Like in all bodybuilding contests, the flex posers went through relaxed posing before doing the seven compulsory poses – front double biceps, front lat spread, back double biceps, back lat spread, abdominal and thighs, side chest and side triceps. They were also judged on their free-posing ability with a piece of music of their choice.

Only bodybuilders of the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation-affiliated SBPF were allowed to take part in the Mr Seychelles contest.

In trying to explain the two-hour wait which infuriated many, the organisers said that on arriving at the Tequila Boom night club on Saturday night, they learned that a local bodybuilder who does not belong to the SBPF had informed the night club’s management on Friday that the event had been called off.

A representative of the night club confirmed to Sports Nation that the bodybuilder in question called him on Friday to say the Mr Seychelles 2011 contest was off.

Secondly, there was also the issue of Seychelles Licencing Authority officials present at the venue stopping some of the competitors from taking part as they are below 18 years old. This is because the competition was taking place in a night club reserved for people of 18 years and over.

Lastly, only one of the three judges – Derrick Sauzier – turned up and the organisers had to look for Guy Agricole and Prakash Chetty to replace Robert Rose and James Mathiot.

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