VP Faure meets retirees


VP Faure during his meeting with (from l to r) Messrs Pierre-Louis, Palmyre and Chetty

The three long-serving employees -- David Chetty, Peter Pierre-Louis and Robert Palmyre – met VP Faure at State House last week.

Mr Chetty was the director of the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts, Mr Pierre-Louis the director of policy planning in the department of culture, and Mr Palmyre the manager of trade licensing processes at the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA).

Mr Chetty has retired after 47 years in the public service, while Mr Pierre-Louis (34 years of service) and Mr Palmyre (41 years of service) are about to retire.

VP Faure has since last year been meeting retirees as a gesture to show the government’s appreciation and gratitude to people who have spent long years of service in the public sector.

Like others before them, Messrs Chetty, Pierre-Louis and Palmyre received a letter and a small token of appreciation.
The three men were accompanied at State House by public administration principal secretary Jessie Esparon and SLA chief executive Marise Berlouis.

Welcoming them, Mr Faure said the government and the people of Seychelles recognise and appreciate their devotion and invaluable contributions to the development of Seychelles and the well-being of the people.

“Your contributions have led to the development of Seychelles and the fulfilment of the people. We know that whatever you will be doing, you will still be contributing in one way or another to your country’s development,” said Mr Faure.
Mr Palmyre, who has worked as a prison superintendent and immigration officer before spending the remaining 23 years of his formal employment at the SLA, said he will now take a break and will later decide what to do.

“I have contributed a lot and now it is time to make space for the younger generation,” said Mr Palmyre.
After working for some time within the ministry of education, Mr Pierre-Louis has spent his longest time of service in the department of culture.

“I will always have work to do because for me there is no real retirement,” said Mr Pierre- Louis, who added that he will still be around doing consultancy work for the culture department.

Mr Chetty spent 37 long years as a teacher and head teacher in several schools around the country before taking up the post of  director of the National Conservatoire of Performing Arts where he spent another 10 years before retiring.
Today Mr Chetty said he has no regrets and really appreciates what he has achieved.

“I have always worked with young people and today my greatest joy is seeing them having become successful adults,” said Mr Chetty, who added that he will be taking some good rest and give a helping hand in a family business venture.

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