Football: Barclays league division one-The Lions protest Dynamo’s failure to play


The match was crucial for The Lions as it was a do-or-die encounter and if they were to win by a three-goal margin, they would not be relegated, but rather meet SMB in the play-off for a place in the first division next season.

Originally this match was programmed for Sunday but was postponed because of bad weather and both teams had agreed for it to be played on Monday and to kick off at 7pm.

However, Northern Dynamo seemed to have  had a change of heart and though they turned up, they decided not to take to the pitch.

According to sources, it appears that Dynamo were concerned with the safety of their players who are to play La Passe today in the semifinal of the Land Marine Cup.  So they felt the players would have basically less than 48 hours to recover and so decided to forfeit the match though the officials were ready to get the match started.

Dynamo’s decision to let The Lions win does not help the Cascade-based team’s cause and therefore they plan to appeal to the federation to reconsider the result of this match and are requesting a replay.

According to a member of The Lions football club, they want this match to be rescheduled at a later date as they feel Dynamo’s decision not to play may cost them a place in the first division and will mean St Roch will dispute the play-off match.

Let us hope the SFF will give a satisfactory ruling to all parties as surely The Lions deserve a chance to fight for their first division status.

R. J-L.

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