Birger Indian Ocean Seychelles celebrates first anniversary


The company offers services in the banking sector with technical support to ATMs as well as a series of other solutions to banks, private companies and the public sector.

BIOS also offers infrastructure solutions to the private and public sector, software solutions, card personalisation, and self service solutions to banks.

The first anniversary celebrations for BIOS will take place today at the Konoba restaurant, where a series of presentations targeting the private and public sectors have been planned for the whole day with specialists from Blanche, Birger, Datacard, Doubletake, IBM, NCR and Microsoft.

The following is a contribution from BIOS to mark this occasion.
It was on October 5, 2010 that the Birger Indian Ocean office in Seychelles was launched. Now after one year of achievement, it’s time for an assessment and celebration.  As a matter of fact, after 15 years of continued presence on the island, last year Blanche Birger -- the Mauritian-based ICT company -- decided to open an office in Seychelles.

“The success of our operations in just one year in Seychelles is a boost to our regional development and I am proud to share with you that our expansion through Birger Indian Ocean is following the model established here. We are now present also in the Comoros islands and of course in our sister island Rodrigues,” says Jacques Harel, chief executive of Blanche, Birger.

Birger Indian Ocean has the ambition to share the history of track-record, innovation and service culture of Blanche, Birger acquired aver the past 58 years to companies based in Seychelles. 

“We consider the regional expansion of our firm as a natural development since we were always active in the region over the last years,” he adds.

Over and above the need to service the growing technology needs of business organisations in Seychelles, Birger Indian Ocean also focuses on the public sector through a number of innovative solutions.

The celebration of the first anniversary in Seychelles is a key opportunity to network with current and potential clients and inform them of the latest developments in technologies that would be critical for their future growth.  It is for this reason that the theme for this first year celebrations is: “Get on Board. Master the wave of Technology”.

Blanche, Birger currently works with leading technology firms like Microsoft, NCR, Datacard, Cisco, and IBM and through Birger Indian Ocean, latest solutions can be customised to the needs of organisations operating in Seychelles.
The company has been associated with a number of breakthrough technologies in the past as in the case for computer systems for the banking sector and other innovations in telecoms, call centers and hotels.

Saheel Khoyratty, Partner Technology Advisor from Microsoft Indian Ocean Island will be in Seychelles during Birger Indian Ocean’s event to deliver a presentation on ‘The Future of Productivity’.

“The presentation will focus around our latest technologies such as infrastructure optimisation, communication and collaboration and cloud solutions.  The future of productivity starts with the Microsoft productivity platform that provides the best productivity experience across PC, phone & browser, with familiar Microsoft Office applications, provisioned through the cloud or on-premises, on your terms, at your pace.  Organisations can provide end-users with access to their favourite applications while maintaining security and harnessing knowledge,” explains Saheel.

“Blanche Birger is one of the major solution partners in Mauritius and we are happy to be part of this special event for them.  We want to strengthen our presence in Seychelles.  We are committed to bring the best of our solutions and technologies to the Seychellois and contribute to make the island move ahead. Blanche Birger as our partner is a key element in achieving this ambition,” explains Paul Bunting, Microsoft’s country manager.

“Our local team here in Seychelles has been trained to respond to the imminent needs of local companies and we have a reservoir of competencies in Mauritius ready to intervene on demand,” explains Jacques Harel.

“We believe we have a lot to learn from our Seychelles experience and we can also contribute a lot in terms of acquired core-competencies. Through such human and business exchanges, we are re-writing regional co-operation with Indian Ocean countries our way.”

Clifford Henriette and Antoine Leon are the two local team members making sure that Birger Indian Ocean Seychelles technical support is a reality on a daily basis, with the coordination and support of Patrick Bradshaw and Jean Claude D’Argent from Mauritius. More potential recruits are in the pipe line for Seychelles. As for Rodrigues, Jean Paul Jean Louis is based on-site.

Over the years Blanche, Birger has developed expertise in handling a wide range of technology solutions and has also developed industry expertise in a number of sectors, namely in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, hospitality and government sectors, among others.  It is also exploring new areas and new industries with a development focus high on the agenda in Seychelles, particularly in the followings fields: self-service and payment solutions in banking sector; card personalisation; disaster recovery services and business continuity solutions; service the public sector.
“We actually focus on technology innovation and always thinking today how to better implement tomorrow’s solutions so as to make sure our clients, and their end-clients get access to greater value”, says Jacques Harel.

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