Komiklokal drama group to present Torti Msye tonight


The group, which was formed in May this year, performed recently in the Festival des Comedies (Festival of Comedies).

Theatre lovers will tonight be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the play, which tells the story of four people in search of work and who finally get a job toiling on the property of a wealthy gentleman. They meet Fred, a very talkative and annoying man, who tries hard to get on the good side of the boss, but always manages to mess things up.

Everything seems to be falling into place when they learn that there is a giant tortoise on the property. With Marcel as the ringleader, the workers begin to plot how to steal the tortoise. This started as jokes, but eventually turned into an obsession.

Those who wish to find out more about the play should not miss this comedy – a play for the whole family.

The actors who will take the stage tonight are Colin Woodcock, Neil Sirame, Nelda Freminot, Paolo Bonne, Jean-François Figaro, Laurraine Jacques, Veronique Belle, Kurt Lagrenade. The play is directed by Alva Florine.

Tickets are on sale with members of the group and also at the National Arts Council at R60.

As for Praslin fans, they will get the chance to see Komiklokal on Friday December 2 at the Grand Anse community centre and the following day, Saturday December 3, the show will be at the Baie Ste Anne community centre.

Because of financial constraints, Komiklokal will visit La Digue at a later date and is inviting sponsors to help financially. Those who want to help can contact the group on 2728060.


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