Seychelles’ first ambassador to Czech Republic and Slovenia accredited


She presented her credentials to Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus at the Prague Castle and Republic of Slovenia President Danilo Turk recently.

Since Seychelles and the Czech Republic established diplomatic relations in January 1993, the Czech Republic has hosted a number of Seychellois students who have studied in a range of fields from medicine to economics.

Seychelles and the Republic of Slovenia established diplomatic relations in October 1992.

“There is great potential for cooperation between Seychelles and the two countries,” said Ambassador Fock Tave.

“Prague hosts some of the most famous universities of Europe and I would like to encourage our Seychellois students to apply for scholarships when offered by the Czech Republic.

“Many areas of cooperation were discussed during my accreditation visit to Slovenia, among those education and the environment,” added ambassador Fock Tave.

Ms Fock-Tave is Seychelles’ resident ambassador in Brussels, Belgium.

Both the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovenia became members of the European Union in 2004.

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