Local businessman donates new wheelchairs to charity


A souvenir photograph of those present at the handover ceremony

Attending the handover ceremony were Marjorie Bastienne, vice-president of Caritas, and other members of the charity including Jocelyne Florentine and two nuns representing Foyer de Maurice Roh.

“It has been my pleasure and ambition to make such a donation to the Caritas of Seychelles and obviously to help the less wealthy people who really need the wheelchairs so they can find it easier to move about,” said Mr Ernestine.

He said he was on a business trip in China for the Rapid Roofing company when he came across a medical shop selling the wheelchairs.

“Without hesitation, I decided to buy a consignment and today I am here to hand them over to Caritas from the bottom of my heart and from the Ernestine family,” he said.

Mr Payette, who is a member of Caritas Seychelles, said he was happy that out of all the existing associations, Mr Ernestine and himself chose to give the wheelchairs to Caritas Seychelles.

“I am a Caritas member for life,” he said. “Which is why I feel honoured to be a part of this ceremony.”

“I believe Caritas is the best society to make good use of the wheelchairs because they know the people, know who are most in need and those who will make full use of the props given.”

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