New Chinese ambassador to cement bilateral ties


Mr Shi presents his credentials to President Michel

He said his predecessor Wang Weiguo established many links between China and Seychelles, while President James Michel’s visits to China and meetings with the country’s leaders have led to many agreements which he said he expects to have the pleasure of helping implement.

He said friendship between Seychelles and China is very good.

“I hope to help implement what has been reached in Beijing and strengthen bilateral relations and further cooperation between the two countries,” said Mr Shi.

During his last visit to China last month, President Michel held talks with Vice-President Xi Jiling in which a wide range of issues was discussed including climate change and renewable energy, the establishment of air links between the two countries, piracy in the Indian Ocean and the security of maritime routes.

Mr Michel at the time said China has become a leader in the sector of renewable energy and called on Chinese entrepreneurs to use Seychelles as a hub for the transfer of technology to Africa.

Vice-President Xi announced the government of the People’s Republic of China would give Seychelles Yuan 40 million, which is equivalent to approximately R80 million, as well as 10 buses to commemorate President Michel’s visit.

China will also continue to provide technical assistance, training and scholarships in diverse fields.

President Michel’s delegation also held talks with transport and civil aviation officials, tourism representatives and business leaders in renewable energy.

The new ambassador also called on Vice-President Danny Faure and will today meet National Assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie.

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