Assembly approves motion to ratify fisheries accord with EU


The motion in pursuant to Article 64 (4) of the Constitution was tabled by the leader of government business Marie-Louise Potter in the Assembly this week.

In pursuant to the same Article, the Assembly also unanimously approved another motion by Mrs Potter resolving it to ratify the agreement amending for the second time the partnership agreement between members of the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States which the European community and its member states signed in Cotonou on June 23, 2000, as first amended in Luxembourg on June 25, 2005.

When she presented the first motion, Mrs Potter noted that negotiations to renew the protocol started in Brussels in June last year under a joint committee set up under Article 9 of the protocol.

She said Seychelles’ approval of the revision was followed by a meeting which finalised the details and development of the partnership which is for a three-year interim period.

On July 13 this year, the EU approved internal procedures for the agreement to come into force as soon as Seychelles completes the ratification process in line with Article 14 of the protocol.

Seychelles expects to benefit a lot more from its tuna and the development of its fishing industry under this agreement.

With regard to the second motion seeking to amend, for the second time, the partnership agreement between the EU and the ACP countries, Mrs Potter said the amendment will guarantee more financial help for development for ACP countries, including Seychelles, in various areas.

She noted that among new provisions being incorporated through the new amendment are – the involvement of the private sector, non-governmental organisations and other non-stake actors in development and more flexible mechanisms which will make investments easier.

Other amendments cover such important issues as climate change, regional integration, food security and fishing.

Mrs Potter said by calling for the ratification of these amendments the message to our government, the private sector and the civil society is to use these opportunities to obtain funding for projects which would benefit the people directly.

Examples of such projects could be undertaken by the Public Utilities Corporation in the water sector, new port facilities by the Seychelles Fishing Authority, among others, while the civil society could carry out programmes to help the government fight social ills, reinforce human rights and democracy.

“The mechanism to obtain funding to develop the new Seychelles is there, but we must use it for the development of our country and for the benefit and wellbeing of the people,” said Mrs Potter.


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