Fishermen think of seized colleagues


Yesterday’s meeting in progress

They observed a minute of silence in honour of Messrs Tambara and Songoire during their emotionally charged meeting in the Seychelles Fishing Authority training room, where some shed tears as they recalled how they had been fishing together with the two men.

Among those at the meeting was the acting chief executive of the SFA Finley Racombo.

At the meeting, co-chaired by the Boat Owners’ Association chairman Joseph Dingwall and former chairman Beatty Hoareau, the fishermen noted the measures government is talking to offer protection but sought to know more.

They called for better and faster communication with the authorities, for example the Seychelles Coast Guards, saying that doing their job at the moment means risking their lives for the country and families as they seek fish we all need.

They considered what extra measures they need to take to protect themselves from pirates as they await implementation of measures the government is putting in place.

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