Youth assembly approves two motions


The SNYA during its session on Saturday

National Youth Council chief executive Vicky Van der Westhuizen attended the session at National House on Saturday.

The first motion, tabled by Grand Anse Mahe representative Naddy Zialor, called for the installation of cameras and alarms in public schools.

He said this was because of an increase in delinquent activities within schools after hours.

“I believe that through the installation of cameras and alarm systems, primary and secondary public schools will see a noticeable reduction of vandalism and misuse of school property,” he said.

After lengthy discussions, all 17 members voted in favour of the motion.

The second motion brought forward by Miguel Bastienne of Bel Air asked for the re-introduction of the YRTC which will be run by professionals.

He said many teachers are currently facing problems relating to students who are not interested in learning, hence disrupting the classes.

Such students are often suspended only to come back and repeat the same offence.
After other Assembly members had made their contributions and the majority sharing the same opinion, all present voted for the motion.

There were also three short presentations by three Assembly members who had followed educational conferences overseas in September.

They were Miguel Bastienne from Bel Air who went to Australia, Anael Bodwell from Anse Etoile who went to France and Assembly speaker Vanessa Seth who went to England.
“All three conferences were more or less aimed at helping to groom our members into becoming competent future leaders,” said Ms Seth.

“The Australia conference was based on Commonwealth issues. The one in England focused on the workings of parliaments; what they do and how they operate, while the one held in France was more of a youth forum,” she said, adding that as future agents of change, members of the National Youth Assembly are working together diligently to bring about positive and proper changes for the future of Seychelles.

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