Enjoying internet service at the Post Office in Victoria


Though there is an increase in the number of people owning their own computers, laptops or smartphones which are being used to connect and access the internet, there is still a percentage of the population who cannot afford to invest in one of those. The majority of that group will either use the internet connection at work, a friend’s place or at an internet café.

Since the re-opening of the Post Office in Victoria a few years ago the institution has also been offering that important service. Powered by two sets of computers provided by local ISP Kokonet, clients are able to check their emails, browse the net or even update their Facebook page. The computers are connected to the popular wireless hotspot network Kokozone. Clients can get access to the service using a Kokozone card which can be purchased at the Post Office.

According to an official of the Seychelles Postal Services, the internet facility is being used by both local residents and tourists.

“Tourists find the service very useful; most of them grab the opportunity to send a quick e-mail to their loved ones back home after sending them a postcard of our beautiful islands. Some Seychellois also use the service, especially those with no internet facility at home or those who are in town and urgently need to check their email.”

The Post Office in Victoria is open during the week from 0800hrs to 1545hrs and from 0800hrs to 1200hrs on Saturday.

Sponsored by Kokonet


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