Subios declared a rousing success


This year, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) had provided a floating stage in the lovely bay of Beau Vallon for all the entertainment of the three-day festival.

Seychellois and tourists alike descended on Beau Vallon for the festival, which was jointly organised with Regatta, the annual fun day of the Round Table Seychelles.

Subios had, for the first time this year, got international recognition with the Asia Geographic group of magazines, being the partner publications and Etihad Airways – the official partner airline.

"These partnerships have enabled us to make the event more visible and at the same time helped us make the event work for the Seychelles tourism industry," said STB chief executive Alain St Ange.

STB’s deputy chief executive Elsia Grandcourt who, this year, closed the event, said in her closing address that this is an event that lies at the very heart of the ecology of Seychelles and at the core of our islands’ marine heritage.

"The Seychelles festival of the sea continues to be an occasion for us to celebrate our extraordinary heritage of a people living in the midst of the Indian Ocean who relies on that ocean for our sustenance, our livelihood and our prosperity.
Finding ourselves together amid all the revelry, the competitions and the races with which Subios has become synonymous, reminds us of the bond that binds us not only to each other but also to the waters that surround us,” she said.

These, once again, have been moments of fun, activity and camaraderie but also of reflection upon the fact that we are tied to the ocean as an ocean people and we must do all in our power to strengthen that tie to ensure not only our own prosperity, but that of the marine ecosystems that surround us," reiterated Mrs Grandcourt.

Before ending her address, Mrs Grandcourt also took the opportunity to thank the Round Table of Seychelles and the efforts they have made to ensure the success of the event.

"Also I want to thank the STB team members who have also worked tirelessly to make the festival a success. And to you, the Seychellois public, thank you for having turned out to support Subios. I hope you will continue to show your enthusiasm in the way you have done so that both Subios and the Seychelles Regatta may be a source of pride for all Seychellois for many years to come," said Mrs Grandcourt.

Facebook, Twitter and U-Tube all have seen complimentary postings on this spectacular event. Congratulatory messages have also arrived at the STB from everywhere, and Mr St Ange said the real success of Subios is the unity that was so apparent with everyone wanting to attend.

"Round Table did us proud as a partner. Vijay Constructions enabled us to have our spectacular floating stage. Marie France MacGregor, the events consultant who worked with us to plan the event from start to finish, never ceased to help and offer advice, the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation for being on hand and broadcasting live from Beau Vallon and all the many sponsors and supporters, as well as the people of Seychelles – together we created a great event for Seychelles. Thank you to you all," said Mr St Ange.

STB’s manager of the events and conferencing department Marymonde Matatiken, who is the person responsible for organising all events under the label "Celebrate Seychelles”, said her strategy is for the events to further sustain the islands’ tourism industry so that it continues to be an economic drive for the country.

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