Arterial Network Seychelles to be launched next week-A boost to the arts in Seychelles


Arterial Network, founded in 2007 and currently centralised in Cape Town, has branches in over 30 countries, mostly in the African continent.

Its aims, which will also be the aims of the Seychelles chapter, are rooted in a recognition of the vital role that the arts have to play in the health of a society, and that this role extends beyond personal development to encompass social and economic development.

The organisation’s aims are rooted in a recognition of the fact that the arts are integral to the cultural life of a community.

Seychelles already has a thriving arts community, but Arterial Network can offer support and guidance for the further development of all Seychellois, as well as provide important international partnership opportunities.

The core vision promoted by the organisation refers to Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, specifically stating that ‘everyone shall have the right to freely participate in the cultural life of a community and to enjoy the arts.

Arterial Network is a multi-discipline organisation, within which the work of artists, musicians, dancers, craftspeople, etc, is equally valued, celebrated and promoted.

Arterial Network is about making things happen, and the Seychelles chapter, which is being launched officially at Kaz Zannannan on Thursday November 17 at 5pm, will seek to apply this vision, through support for vibrant, dynamic and sustainable qualitative practice in the arts in Seychelles.

The launch will be attended by the Arterial Network’s East African coordinator, Maggie Otieno, who will talk about the ways in which the organisation can assist with the generation and application of resources to further support the arts in Seychelles in the broadest sense.

The Seychelles chapter is currently promoting the launch of Arterial Network Seychelles through the media and wishes to encourage ALL interested parties to attend the event on November 17, where refreshments will be provided in the convivial yet purposeful atmosphere of Kaz Zannannan.


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