Human Development Report-A better future for Seychelles


The report, which this year is focused on the challenges of sustainable and equitable progress and themed ‘A Better Future for All’, made Seychelles the highest ranked African country to be included.

Speaking at a press conference late last week, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Paul Adam, said that even being included in the report this year is a victory for Seychelles as last year the data and statistical criteria for the report changed and Seychelles, along with several other small island states, were excluded from it.

Minister Adam explained that it was thanks to the lobbying efforts of the government that Seychelles was able to get the assistance it needed and be included this year.

“We are proud that we are ranked 52nd but what is most important is Seychelles’ development index which shows a consistent, sustainable development growth rate which profiles all the hard work being done,” said the minister.

The minister went on to explain that it was the social protection mechanisms, such as the health care and social welfare systems in place, which helped Seychelles perform so well.

“If we keep the social protections in place, keep offering our people free education for all, then despite rising costs and the many development challenges being faced, we will ensure the dignity of the Seychellois people always.”

Mr Adam hailed the efforts of everyone, including the staff of the National Statistics Bureau, who worked towards providing the data to make Seychelles’ participation possible.

He however noted that the struggle of small island states to address the human resources and capacity challenges continues.

“We still have a long way to go in our data collection and statistics and we hope that the international community will not allow us to be left out, as was the case last year, but work with us to strengthen and support these reporting responsibilities.”

Other Indian Ocean islands have been ranked as follows in the 2011 report: Mauritius 77th, Comoros 163rd, and Madagascar 151st.


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