National school competition for coastal development-Public speaking competition and prize-giving con Friday


Past winners had their designs printed on T-shirts

The coast is very important culturally and economically to Seychellois, providing tourism interest, food and natural beauty. In an effort to help protect Seychelles’ coastal environment and enable residents to have their rightful say in developments that may affect them, the MCSS and the GIF are running a two-year project funded by the Mangroves For the Future large grant funded projects programme administered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

As part of this project, the MCSS and the GIF have designed a nation-wide school competition based on coastal development. On Monday October 3, all state schools sent a team of three students to the department of education at Mont Fleuri for a seminar on the issues surrounding coastal development in Seychelles. There was also a video on Seychelles’ environmental impact assessments and this was done by the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation. The students have been issued with the challenge of a public speaking competition where they discussed coastal development using information they have researched themselves and examples from their districts.

For the younger students, a booklet containing information on coastal development was created and given to schools.

These children will be creating Milor-style cartoons on coastal development in the form of posters. These posters will be judged according to age group, splitting the primary school pupils into two age classes P1-P3 and P4-P6.

All the work has already been handed in and will be judged by the project’s steering committee.

The judging of the public speaking competition and prize-giving ceremony for the public speaking and cartoon competitions will take place at the National Theatre on Friday November 18. Several organisations have donated some very generous prizes which should go down very well! The public speaking competition will begin at 10am and the prize giving is at 1pm. Members of the public are most welcome to attend.

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