Kyokushin karate-Local karatekas return from world tournament


The local karatekas during the famous Mitsumine waterfall training

Headed by shihan Phillip Moustache 6th dan, the delegation comprised sensei Jimmy Helene who competed at the tournament, as well as senseis Francis Françoise, Phillip Verghese, Erna Athanasius and Marie Lucy Sullivan who officiated at the five-day event held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium from November 4-6 in Tokyo.

Sensei Helene gave a very good performance despite losing on points to Brazilian fighter Fabiano Santini.

Shihan Moustache said the Brazilian was one of the three favourites to win the tournament. He added that sensei Helene’s opponent, who was 10kg heavier and has fought in a number of tournaments in North and South America, tried in vain to knock him out in the opening seconds of the bout.

“Having watched a video of Santini’s fights before leaving for Japan, sensei Helene was well prepared and frustrated his opponent throughout the fight despite losing,” he added.

Won by Russian fighter, the competition was sensei Helene’s second.
A total of 192 fighters from over 125 countries took part in the three-day event which also included the international seniors tournament, the world youth tournament and the 1st women’s world open tournament.

The other members of the delegation officiated during the event and excelled. Shihan Moustache, senseis Verghese and Athanasius were chosen to officiate on the final day of the men’s open tournament, while sensei Athanasius acted as a judge in the preliminary rounds.

Sensei Verghese and shihan Moustache acted as judges in the semifinals, as well as the third and fourth-placed fights.

Seychelles also produced some good officiating statistics at the tournament. Shihan Moustache is one of the 16 foreigners certified as IKO referees in the world and one of the only two in Africa, while sensei Verghese is one of the 28 foreigners certified as associate referees in the world. Sensei Athanasius, on the other hand, is one of the 10 foreign female judges in the world. She was one of the two female judges who officiated at the tournament including the 10th world men’s open.

Meanwhile, shihan Kenny Uytenbogaardt 7th dan was also promoted as a member of the international committee of the IKO during the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, the local karatekas took part in a training camp conducted by Kyokushin grandmaster Kancho Shokei Matsui at Mt Mitsumine. During the camp, senseis Verghese and Françoise attempted their grading exams and are awaiting their results. Four of them also took part in the famous Mitsumine waterfall training where they were required to train under the freezing waters.

The delegation would like to thank the National Sports Council, the Ministry of Health, the Seychelles Karate Federation, the Wharf Hotel & Marina and the Coco D’Or Hotel for their support. 

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