Ephelia Resort fosters ties with Port Glaud school


Port Glaud pupils, head teacher Hoareau and office manager Hollanda during the meeting with Constance Ephelia Resort GM Guitton and a staff member

Philippe Guitton hosted the group to an afternoon of relaxation over some drinks and a tour of the hotel’s grounds to celebrate the fruitful ties between the hotel and the school which are both in Port Glaud district.

The group also discussed with Mr Guitton ways to further strengthen relations between them.

As part of its corporate social responsibilities, the hotel has contributed, and hopes to continue contributing to the success of many activities the school organises.

So far this year the hotel has sponsored for the school 200 plastic chairs, food and snacks for four events.

The resort also offers its bus free of charge – whenever it is available – to take the school’s pupils to attend activities in town.

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