South African high commissioner says farewell


President Michel and Mr Matabane at State House yesterday

Accredited in the post in July 2008, Mr Matabane is coming to the end of his mandate.

His last meeting with Mr Michel yesterday was an opportunity for them to review various issues of mutual interest.

They discussed the issue of piracy, how to better improve tourism and seek ways to encourage more ordinary people to visit the two countries.

He noted that today a lot of South Africans are visiting Seychelles as tourism between the two countries further develops and South Africans are better informed on Seychelles – one of their neighbours.

“There are also South Africans who are coming to Seychelles to invest,” said Mr Matabane.

“Seychelles has the potential to develop as a centre of tourism attraction and as long as the natural beauty of the country is preserved, I am sure people will always want to come to Seychelles,” he said.

Like others before him, Mr Matabane has, during his mandate, worked towards further improving friendly relations and bringing the people of Seychelles and the people of South Africa closer together.

“I am confident that my predecessors will continue where I have stopped,” he added.

Mr Matabane added that there are lots of obstacles on the path to development but if there is unity between people this would lead us to success.

Nearing the end of his mandate, Mr Matabane, who was based in Mauritius, said he will soon be returning to South Africa.

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