Unisey attracts foreign students


Vice-cancellor Dr Rolph Payet said Unisey has been chosen to run to host the International Architecture for Environment and Sustainable Development course because of this country’s reputation, and President James Michel’s call at international forums for people to come and see for themselves how we manage our environment and development.

Six Seychellois will be among the 46 students following the programme, which will be conducted online, although they will all take the first lectures in Seychelles to get the chance to see the country’s environment.

Dr Payet told Nation the foreign students come from Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and African countries, and will be the first non-Seychellois to follow a programme at Unisey, which opened only a few years ago as an initiative of Mr Michel.

The university’s marketing and public relations coordinator Sheryl Barra said the course is meant to support the action of Small Island Development States to pursue of sustainable development.

“The Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Universities of the West Indies, Unisey and the University of the South Pacific is offering the online, distance learning course on from 2011 to 2012,” she said, adding the foreign students will stay at guest houses during the five days they will be in Seychelles.

“We will launch the residential component of course at the Anse Royale campus of Unisey,” she told Nation.

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