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Inside the Lifestyle Health and Beauty Spa at the Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri

Five years ago and with this very thought in mind, Linda-May Robert  opened the doors of Lifestyle Health and Beauty Spa and on reflection, the owner and the staff cannot help but admit that this business venture has proven to be exciting and all in all – ‘”An absolutely fantastic journey”. 

Admittedly, they have had their (UPS) and of course their (DOWNS) but those little ups and downs form part of the joy of being part of the service industry. Linda-May will readily admit that in such an industry, with time one learns to appreciate the negative comments, as it is with time that one matures at all levels and one comes to realise that this kind of criticism can only but help to make one look at the service you are offering and try to, and improve on the service being offered if there is such a need. Pleasantries and kind words are definitely welcomed and appreciated as this is an indication that the services being offered are meeting the required standard.

With the support, hard work and dedication of some of the very best trained therapists that the industry has to offer, namely Dorothy Chung-Loye, Stephanie Rene, Barbara Moncherry, Angela Ally, Vessnah Mellon, Gerda Jules, Miranda Onezime and Eileen Julienne, Lifestyle Health and Beauty Spa has managed in these past five years to extend its business premises and it has more than doubled its workforce.

A very special note of thanks goes to Dorothy Chung-Loye and Stephanie Rene who started with the company from the very beginning and who today complete five years of service.

Inside the Lifestyle Health and Beauty Spa at the Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri

The past five years have seen three of the spa’s therapists sent to South Africa on specialised training and recently an examiner from South Africa conducted training and certified six of the spa’s therapists in various treatment techniques. Linda-May is especially proud of Vessnah Mellon and Gerda Jules who, after a few months of in-house training and much support from their colleagues, achieved outstanding results and international certification in manicures and pedicures. Staff training and international certification have always been very important to the management team of the spa. Linda confirms that they are committed and will remain committed to sending their staff for training as the success or future of the spa industry in Seychelles lies in the hands of our local therapists.

Looking back over the years, besides its own personal success, this spa family has shared some very special moments together and hence creating the company’s very own special memories – be it in the form of sadness due to a loss of some kind or be it feelings of happiness over a joyous occasion. They have been privileged to have been able to share in many other people’s special moments over the years but their proudest achievement to date must be the Frizzbee project which, in conjunction with Ruby Pardiwalla, the National Council for Children and a few very special individuals and companies, saw the launch of a Toll-free number which allows any child, who finds themselves in an unpleasant or more importantly a life-threatening situation, a channel to ask for help. Through this project, help will always only be a phone call away.

One of the therapists performing a massage

As a company it has been presented with many avenues for advertising purposes but it has chosen to put its name behind campaigns related to protection of children’s rights. As Linda-May clearly says, it does not take much to become a parent, but it takes love, commitment and years of dedication to live up to and do justice to the privilege of being a parent. Undoubtedly it is the right of each and every child to be able to go to school and be educated and to sleep in a warm bed, to be able to eat proper meals when they are hungry, to be clothed, to be held in the loving arms of a parent or family member when there is a need for comfort and more importantly to be taught the importance of self respect, self worth and morale values in general.

Every individual is blessed with a conscious and it does not take one special individual, business concern, school teacher or government to make a difference in this world. It takes many people only with the qualification of a “loving heart” to make a difference in this world.  As adults and as parents we all have a choice. We could choose the easy road and turn and walk away or we could come to the realisation that each and every child out there was once someone’s baby girl or baby boy. No child decides to live a life of prostitution or abuse drugs or alcohol.

Surely this is not a choice that any individual would readily make.   Only circumstances could and would be the deciding factor.  As a parent we would hope that should our own child one day be in the need of help that the help would be close at hand. Why not be that parent or that individual who extends that hand.

‘Every one of us is a hero in some way or another. Every one of us has the potential for extraordinary achievement, happiness and lasting fulfillment. All it takes are small steps in the direction of our dreams.’

The Lifestyle motto: Learn more, laugh more and do what you truly love to do.
Services offered by Lifestyle Health and Beauty Spa
Massage and Body Treatments – Chinese Masseuse – Special discounted rate during the anniversary month.

Facials – Epilation – Hand and Foot Treatments (Manicures and Pedicures) – Slimming Treatments – Infra Red Sauna – Piercing – Eyelash Enhancements and many more.
Enquiries please contact 2568668 or 4321099 – Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 5pm
Closed all Public Holidays

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