Letter to the Editor-Seychelles football team can do better with more international exposure


Surely, after the well-deserved gold medal won at the 8th Indian Ocean Island Games held on home soil, local fans expected a much better performance from our local players.

I believe our national team need to be more tactical in their approach in international competitions. We may have assembled a fine team with good individuals and fit players, but more emphasis should be put on tactical awareness of the game if we are to achieve better results and make a name on the African continent. The team must be better organised on the field and difficult to play against.

It is encouraging to see that head coach Ralph Jean-Louis is bringing some new blood and energy into the team. This is certainly an astute move for the future – but it is imperative that the team get the opportunity to expose themselves more in international friendly and competitive games.

I hope that the team as a whole will take this embarrassing defeat to Kenya as food for thought. There is a lot of work to be done, but I have confidence in Jean-Louis’s ability. He has already started showing his management skills.

Derek G. Pothin


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