Chinese paper-cutting: introducing a new art form


A group of Seychellois obviously enjoying as they learn paper-cutting skills from Ms Chen Yan

Conducting the workshops was Chen Yan Rong, a teacher from Chen QiuRi paper-cutting studios based in Xiamen, China.

The event was held in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy and the department of culture.

Meira Savy, the director for international cooperation within the department of culture, Savy said she is pleased with the way cultural relations between countries like China and Seychelles are growing and hopes to see more cultural exchanges.
“We have a lot of activities planned on our calendar for 2012 in regards to cultural exchanges between the two countries and I trust it will be as successful as we hope,” she said.

Ms Chen Yan said she enjoyed her brief stay in Seychelles immensely and hopes many Seychellois will catch on to paper-cutting and even take it up as a hobby.

“It is a popular form of art in China and children start practising it as young as 10 years old,” she said.

She was in Seychelles teaching at workshops every day for one week before flying to Mauritius to deliver her expertise on the subject.

Rebecca Chang-Tave

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