Family council members entertain children at President’s Village


Mrs Zelia interacting with the children

Led by its chairperson Alexandrine Zelia, the council members brought the children gifts, soft drinks and cakes which they received through various sponsors.

The team of eight council members included the district’s administrator Sylvia Stravens. Didier Laporte – a well known businessman from the district – gave the group transport free of charge for the trip to and from the village.

The fun afternoon started with prayers and a moment of reflection during which members of the council explained to the children the reason of their visit and brought hope to them that there are many people in society who are always think of them and finding ways to make Some of the children, deep in prayertheir life in the village enjoyable.  
Council members Beryl Come and Lysebie Denis led the children through various games. A song contest was the highlight of the afternoon.

The boys and girls did not miss the opportunity to show off their singing talents.
They reinterpreted some popular hits by various local artists.

Members of the council were fascinated by the children’s display of talents. Some, though very young, were very good guitar players.

Educational gifts such as exercise books, pens, pencils and erasers were distributed among the children after the games and singing contest.

Three children who had just celebrated their birthdays joined hands to cut a cake toward the end of the afternoon.
The fun afternoon ended with prayers led by Mrs Zelia.

Council members have promised that similar visits will be organised next year.

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