Seychelles edition of popular Thomas Cook traveller guide hits news stands


Thomas Cook’s Traveller Guide of SeychellesIt was Katerina Roberts who had been commissioned to update the guide, while Eric Roberts personally undertook the photography side of the update.

“The updated guide is very informative and brings out many of the niche activities of Seychelles,” said Seychelles Tourism Board chief executive Alain St Ange after he had received a copy of the guide.

The 160-page guide dedicated to Seychelles covers in a lot of details the different islands of the Seychelles with the available accommodation establishments. It also covers the country’s national parks, best beaches, and the walks and drives possibility among others.

“Such a traveller guide is important for Seychelles. We are a unique tourism destination with both mid-ocean granitic islands and flat coral ones and the more our potential visitors know about the islands, the more informative a decision they will make on their choice of island for their holidays,” added Mr St Ange.

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