Survey to determine Seychelles family model


The social development department says the father, mother and two children model may not apply to Seychelles due to factors like divorce and separation, and it would like to statistically determine what the situation really is.

The study aims to get baseline information to develop policies on, and for the family, and to assess the situation of the families in Seychelles today, said senior research officer Michelle Marguerite during preparations for the study.

“We hope to identify the types of families found locally and attempt a local definition of one while assessing the services available to the family and its effectiveness to meet current needs,” she said.

“The department will make recommendations for the provision of evidence-based programmes and services for the family.”
She said preparation for the study began in August with groundwork including developing the methodology, research tools and establishing a sample size.

Fieldwork for the survey will take 10 days
Eugene Madejski and Doris Atayi are the consultants in charge of the survey and their team will start giving questionnaires today.

“Interviewers who will be identified by a badge will visit homes that have been chosen to take part in this exercise and the public are being encouraged to cooperate with the interviewers,” said Ms Marguerite .

“The outcome of the study will benefit the work already being done under the social renaissance initiative and all programmes that target the family,” she said.

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