Unisey students get top grades


The board of governors of Unisey which met at the Anse Royale campus announced yesterday.

Professor Sir Graeme Davies, who is a board member and vice-chancellor Emeritus of the University of London, congratulated the University of Seychelles, “being a very young university”, for the outstanding results of the students who for example recorded 100% pass for the Year 2 Bachelor of Business Administration.

“The University of Seychelles features quite high among the partners of the University of London External Programme,” he said.

Admissions and exams for those programmes are set and administered by those external universities.

The board also approved certain amendments to its Charter and Statues to bring it in line with the new Tertiary Education Bill adopted by the National Assembly earlier this week. Other amendments sought to improve the governance of the university and also the approval of the various categories of awards and statutes in time for the first UniSey graduation in late 2012.

The board of governors also received financial reports of the university and discussed its future development plans.

The faculty representative on the board of governors Justin Zelime assured members of the board, and indeed supporters of UniSey that staff morale is high, professional development is accelerating with two of its faculty members already on PhD programmes, and noted the reasonable progress made in the implementation of the university and its structure since its establishment in September 2008.

He also said the majority of lecturers share in the vision of the chancellor, President James Michel, to offer increasing opportunities for them and the students, and will remain dedicated and give their support for this noble institution.

The members of the board of governors are Sir Graeme Davies – Emeritus, Vice-chancellor of the University of London, Professor Mohamed Rochdi - Président de l’Université de la Réunion, Dr Shelton Jolicoeur – director of Trust & Fiduciary Services Ltd, Zothique Pragassen – an education expert, Martin Kennedy – the former director of International School of Seychelles, Benjamin Choppy – principal secretary in the government of Seychelles, Justin Zelime – lecturers’ representative of UniSey faculty, Dr Ramindar Dhillon – associated with the University of Middlesex, Michel Denousse – registrar of the University of Seychelles and Dr Rolph Payet – president and vice-chancellor of UniSey.


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