Subios treasure hunt winner Bouchereau receives prize


Ms Bouchereau receives the 18-karat gold jewellery piece from Mr Marguerite

Ms Bouchereau has won an 18-karat gold jewellery piece created exclusively by the Kenwyn House under the Jouel collection.

Present at the ceremony was the marketing manager of Kenwyn House Jusha Marguerite who presented Ms Bouchereau with her prize, and the Seychelles Tourism Board’s events and conferencing marketing executive Isabelle Hoareau.

Ms Hoareau thanked Mr Marguerite and Kenwyn House for sponsoring this year’s treasure hunt.

Ms Bouchereau said she and her brother usually take part in the Subios activity every year.
“I found this treasure hunt a little bit of a challenge and I had to ask the family for help on the last question,” she said, adding that aside from that tiny glitch, all the other clues were fairly easy.

“I think the treasure hunt is a great event in that you always come away from it with more knowledge than you had previously,” she said.

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