Parents Welcome choreography fitness competition-Anse Aux Pins win best overall title


Organised by the Sports for All Unit in the National Sports Council (NSC), the yearly choreography fitness competition concluded the calendar of activities of the children obesity programme carried out at school level. The programme is jointly run by the NSC, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Employment and Human Resources.

Saturday’s event gathered children from 14 primary schools from Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and they competed in nine events. These are hula hoops (individual boy, individual girl, mix of three and mix of five), skipping rope (individual boy, individual girl, mix of three and mix of five) and choreography.

Anse Aux Pins’ success came in the boys’ individual hoop dance, mix of three hoop dance, mix of five hoop dance, to retain the overall top prize in the category.

In the skipping rope competition, Anse Aux Pins managed to win only the mix of five, losing the overall title to La Rosière who also won the individual boy and mix of three titles. Grand Anse Praslin won the individual girl title.
In 15-member choreography contest, once again the cup sailed away from Mahe, this time to La Digue who pushed two-time winners Grand Anse Praslin into second spot, preventing them from achieving a hat-trick of wins. Independent School were third.

Saturday’s panel of judges was made up of Francis Remie, Marie-Ange Francourt, Diana Menesse, Williana Dubois, Verouska Hoareau, Marie-Cecile Benstrong, Magda Leon (judges), while Christine Hoareau was the score keeper.

Among the main criteria for the competition were agility on stage, music chosen, manipulation and combination of movement, creativity, and coordination and balance.

According to the Sports for All Unit head Francis Remie, who was also leading the judges’ panel, the quality of performance has improved compared to the previous two competitions.

Apart from a bigger turnout, he said they are also satisfied with the involvement of more private schools.
Mr Remie added that the teachers involved in preparing the children for the event have made extra effort this year, as the level of performance is continuously rising.

He also thanked all those involved in successfully running the programme at school level, as well as the faithful partners, namely the department of education and the Ministry of Health who sponsored the prizes.

Complete results:

Hula hoops
Individual girl:
Baie Ste Anne Praslin
Individual boy: Anse Aux Pins
Mix of three: Anse Aux Pins
Mix of five: Anse Aux Pins
Best overall: Anse Aux Pins

Skipping rope
Individual girl:
Grand Anse Praslin
Individual boy: La Rosière
Mix of three: La Rosière
Mix of five: Anse Aux Pins
Best overall: La Rosière

1. La Digue
2. Grand Anse Praslin
3. Independent School

Best overall school:
1. Anse Aux Pins
2. Grand Anse Praslin
3. La Rosière

Best effort during the year:
Anse Etoile

Accompanying this article are some of the photos taken by our photographer Louis Toussaint.




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